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Khamenei sees 'no use' in talks with America

But white house says only nuclear negotiator can give final word

Iran's supreme leader said on Tuesday that talks with the United States would not benefit the Islamic Republic, and again signaled that Tehran was unwilling to freeze its sensitive nuclear work. In response, the White House said that it did not consider Ayatollah Ali Khamenei 's remarks as the Islamic Republic's final word on a US offer to join direct talks with Iran if Tehran agrees to halt its uranium enrichment work. The demand was made in a package that has the backing of six world powers but Iran has not yet replied.

Although Khamenei said that Iran was ready to ease international concerns over its disputed atomic program, he also argued that "negotiations with the United States are of no use for us. We have no need for such negotiations."

Khamenei did not rule out nuclear negotiations, although he insisted any such talks would be on Iranian terms.

"We will not negotiate with anybody on our certain right to reach and use nuclear technology. However, if they recognize this right for us, we are prepared to talk about international controls, supervision and guarantees, and the grounds for such negotiations have been prepared," he said.

White House spokesman Tony Snow said the United States would only recognize a formal answer to the offer given by Iran's senior nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, to European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana.

"The position has always been the same, which is: When Mr. Larijani communicates with Javier Solana, that is how we expect to have an answer to the proposal," Snow said.

"There are differing voices coming out of Iran,. This is the one that we and our EU partners have said would be the appropriate track for responding, and therefore that's the track that we would expect to hear through," he said.

Analysts said Khamenei's remarks might indicate pessimism in the leadership that such talks would yield results and sent a message that Iran was not in a rush to meet.

"Iran is giving the message that Iran doesn't trust America and does not believe America has changed its position," said analyst Mahmoud Alinejad.

In March, it had looked like negotiations between Iran and the United States could go ahead to discuss issues concerning Iraq, though not the nuclear issue. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in April such talks were not needed since a permanent Iraqi government was in place.

The United States along with the other four permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany are waiting for an Iranian response to the offer.

But Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday his country will not join any ultimatums over nuclear proliferation, in a thinly veiled reference to US-led pressure on Iran.

"We do not intend to join any sort of ultimatum, which only pushes the situation into a dead end, striking a blow against the authority of the UN Security Council," Putin told Russian diplomats in Moscow in the presence of journalists.

"I am convinced that dialogue and not isolation of one or another state is what leads to resolution of crises," Putin added.

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